Amsterdam Group Public Relations Inc. is a leading public relations firm offering government relations, media relations, reputation management, social media engagement, and website design / social media engagement innovation services. We specialize in leveraging for corporate and government clients cutting-edge world-wide-web branding, social media engagement and traditional thought leadership promotion.


Amsterdam Group Public Relations Inc. boasts an unprecedented global media relations practice. Whereas most public relations firms prioritize new business over existing clients, Amsterdam Group places a value on catering to current clients. Recognizing that news and feature stories boast a larger readership and carry far more credibility than traditional advertisements, Amsterdam Group develops new angles on stories to promote our clientele, and pitches and places these stories in elite traditional and online media outlets worldwide. Our media relations practice enforces brand identity and credibility through local, regional, national and international media coverage.


Amsterdam Group Public Relations Inc. offers a top-level reputation management practice, helping clients to mold and safeguard brand identity both offline and in the virtual realm through leveraging traditional and new media channels. Specializing particularly in online reputation management, Amsterdam Group assists corporate and government clients in sidelining inaccurate search results on the world-wide-web and positioning them appropriately relative to the attributes of their brand.


Amsterdam Group Public Relations Inc. develops and maintains global social media channels for our clients to forge and enhance brand identity, while leveraging existing contacts worldwide and building new relationships with reporters, editors, think tank fellows, and policy makers. Amsterdam Group has also spoken prominently in international media on the value of social media engagement and citizen journalism, guaranteeing at the same time that our clients continuously have the world-wide-web in focus while their voices resonate in established media outlets, such as the New York Times, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Sky News, the BBC, and the Economist.


Amsterdam Group Public Relations Inc. not only maintains and develops existing social media channels for government and corporate clients, but also innovates and builds tools to advance their brand identity, included but not limited to websites, next-generation mobile applications, crowdsourcing initiatives, cross-platform campaigns, and other online instruments focused on image enhancement.

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